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When we read together at night

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Second edition of The Dance Reading Club series When The Dancers Know The Answers took place on 17th of June again in Living room of Studio ALTA in Invalidovna but this time in more Decameron like chiaroscuro mood. Under the name Good Night Readers ladies from platform Bjornsonova hosted two hours long life and online reading of excerpts of texts by feminist authors as Alice Munro, Linda Stupart, Octavia Butler, Ariana Reines, Justin Frank or singer Eartheater, meandering from detective, sci-fi narratives to erotics and poetry. Good night readers started as an initiation by platform Bjornsonova during quarantine as a sequel of Boccacio’s Decameron folowing the plague pandemic in 14th century into nowdays viral times.

Here is a list of Literature: 

Good Night Readers 9.DECAMERON : 


Eartheater: Spill the milk

Ann Cvetkovitch: My life as lesbian gogo dancer

Kathy Acker: Persian Poems / Blood and guts on high school

Justin Frank: Sweet sweat / dream and reality fucking!

Ariana Reines: Mercury/ when she talks to the sun

Paul.B. Preciado: Countersexual Manifesto / COUNTERSEXUAL READING EXERCISES

Octavia Butler: Fledgeling

Linda Stupart: The Virus / lepht anonym

Alice Munro: Free radicals


Here is the link to Good Nigh Readers Bibliography: 


Here is the link to Good Nigh Readers books and texts 




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