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Spiral reports from one week long juicy entropic journey in the castle

Key words:

Six artists one scientist and one architect together with three lecturers and three guides were part of this year Interdisciplinary Incubator which took place in residency Zámek Žďár and Sázavou. During the week 11th -16th of March 2018 they were all together elaborating the notion of circulation through the scope of different fields. Sharing experiences, work in progress, political and cultural loops, conventions and transgression beyond them. What stayed was a circle without center lot of pointless traces and relations on the mind maps, touched and sweaty rooms in the castle. Here are some of the testimonies from the participants who had will to take part and came to the center of Santini’s gothic-baroque land and shared their work and themselves in the loop of this ongoing spiralling. 


Trailer from Incubator

Creating concepts is no less difficult than creating new visual or aural combinations, or creating scientific functions. What we have to recognise is that the interplay between the different lines isn’t matter of one monitoring or reflecting another. A discipline that set out follow a creative moment coming from outside would itself relinquish any creative role. You’ll get nowhere by latching onto some parallel movement, you have to make a move yourself. If nobody makes a move, nobody gets anywhere. Nor is interplay an exchange: it all turns on giving or taking. 

Deleuze (Negotiations, Colombia University Press 1990,  p.127)


Spiral report from Matej Hývl - Physicist, Departement of thin films and nanostructures, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Behind the brown gate and triple blue bars, you can find home.

If you would ask Mr. Fourier, he would tell you that you can describe any function in a form of a trigonometric series. That is – you take anything; heat, movement, sound or light, and in you find the right ends of the right threads and pull long enough, you will end up with just a bunch of bare sines and cosines. Sins and cosins. Signs and cosigns.  In Žďár, I managed to stumble upon some of the threads I didn’t even know I had in this tangled bundle of joy I call myself. And all that thanks to the most wonderful group of the weavers from all around the world.

The waves were omnipresent – I still surf on some of those created by our splash in Žďár, Van Cittert and Zernike would be proud. And what a splash! No wonder, given the size of that lake. The deer head – trophy and a rack – certainly not the smallest of the stones from that mosaic; the waves from it are small and odd. The lion statue and carefully counted baroque curves, the stars, Huygens silently nods.

The waves of sound and common movement, combined to make a circle again, or other marvelous shapes, took me to places I never hoped to go. And after a good night sleep (Alas! Just one.) in the yellow flat, cold like my childhood house, I felt like I was leaving home, not going there. 


Spiral report from Bari Kim - Artist, writer, choreographer and dancer / Korea 

One fine day, I arrived at the castle, Zámek Žďár in Czech republic. One fine day, I arrived at the island, home, rural cottage of Korea. 

One fine day, I arrived at the spine, column, center, the place where spinal cord lives in. 

Today, which is also one fine day, I arrived at the musical rhythm of rib cage with spiral pathway. 

Whenever I arrived at somewhere,
There are only constant flows which make everything change.
I like to leave because I like to arrive and vice versa.
I want to remind that I am in the flow from leaving and arriving. Literally, going and coming is circulating. 

My arterial and venous blood is coming from and to the heart circulating all the body. I can only be in the circulation. Cannot be elsewhere. 

One fine day, I arrived at the blood vessel, especially capillary. There are stillness. 

I sat on the very low chair and closed my eyes thinking of moments in incubator residency with circulation at Zámek Žďár. 

It was very strict, free, passionate, loving, generous, strange, intimate, supportive, stubborn, friendly, profound, light, serious, playful, artistic, organic, rational, irrational, crazy, devoted, philosophical, rich, variable and more .
There were full of brain storming, full of curiosity, full of ideas, full of wills, full of optimism, full of fatigue and full of joy with full stomach. 

What a crazy, unforgettable, fulfilled 7 days!
Infinite questions we brought. 

-What is the circulation?
-How can we make the circulation?
-Is it circle or not?
-Circulation has a structure or any specific visible form?
-Is there start and end in the circulation?
-What if the circulation cannot be defined as a visible form, How can we perceive it? -Infinity is the one of the main character of circulation?
-Is there relationship between spiral and circulation? If so, what is it? 

And now, do I have an answer for those questions after the incubator? No. not about the answer. 

But yes, I could have more questions and consciousness about the circulation. When I think of circulation, It became much more colourful than before. Circulation was more neutral term. But now Circulation is truly personal and also collective experienced term not only as a term, but also as a rich experience. 

Now, In my circulation world, There are amazing people, art, the castle, baroque, gothic, architect, history, museum, invisible stars, shining stars, stars of the church, smoke of cigarettes, coldness, Czech local beer, tombs, chairs, big table, broken dish, good luck, coffee and tea, food which is
not Czech traditional style, windows, deers, gardens, cakes, Unesco, spiral stairs, tower, lake, tourists, sharing, introducing, explain, land art, natural light, futurism, movable architecture, keys, locked doors, open doors, rain, snow, house plan, symbols, symmetric structure, statue, experimentations, words, translations, exhibition, installations, videos, recordings, projections, performances, improvisations, tries, vulneralbilities, care, support, hearing, smile, hands, faces, moi, hosa in the hosu and warm heart.  

Warm heart is constantly circulating warmly. Hosa is in the hosu.
Moment is shining in the moment.
As a deep gratitude of life. 

Thank you so much for your warm loving heart! 


Spiral report from Namo - Artist, choreographer and dancer living / Korea 

When I returned to the island, I felt that the feel of the island had changed.

In the taxi when i was  going back home, I got a call from the person who is usually not connected.

When I returned home, the house had a different appearance.

The door of the house yard looked like they changed to the dark and dull wood.

The land around the the house was laid, the grasses were gone, and it was hardened by the come out as a face without make up.

The persimmon tree in front of the house looked like a dead tree and became a thiner then it was before. The stones that were placed on the evenly way to the house rolled here and there and continued to hit the foot as they walked.

The hair of our dog ccama was hair full of knots and tangles.

The inside house felt like transformed huge existence being independent from people that were living there originally. Sunshine in the window of the house seemed to have nothing to do with me.

Many things have changed. It seems that they were worried about how to accept me in their flow.

But they did not have to worry. I was already in the flow.

I also changed.

And again we all changed.


Author: Matej Hývl, Bari Kim, Namo

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