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Poetheoretical Commentary

Key words:

Laura Brechmann

Constant state on the edge between balance and imbalance.

Sphere – the perfect form

The Ball – the soft pal

Gravitational centre of the planetary system

The face full of effort

The failure, the Fall

Closed circle of energy – Action and Reaction

Where are the boundaries of the body?

How is it seen and how it is physically experienced?

In stamina?

In the will?

In the lines of force?

At the point of contact?

In our ability to project them?

The body


Elena Iachininoto – Kees Huisman

The rhythm emanating from your headphones…

The Walk,

The liberated sight in darkness

The run,

The joy,

The Freedom of shadows

The crudity or sophisticated sprezzatura?

Individuality of body expression or just loose side of the rope?

Dance out the existential weight of the first step away…

Do not think, just move!


Sara Bocchini

She and It

Exercise with the burden of narration

The thing as storyteller

History as coalescing of physical realities.

The Body as object, as playing stone on the game board of the stage.

Merging of roles and identities

Appearing and Disappearing.

She and her historical counterparts



Tomáš Janypka – Sabina Bočková

Choreography narrated

Dependency of the beauty

Horizontality of the plane

Verticality of identity

The role, the author – as the layers of fluids in B52 cocktail.

The Weight of mutual emotions

Memory as the slowest movement

The back, the front – dialogue of presence

The doubts

Certainty of the other one…


Johana Pocková

The Delight of plastic smile.

A sweetened taste of deep-rooted anxiety on your lips

Old memory of the painter’s imagination

Shallow waters of technologized simulacra

Impossibility of release

Prisoner of society

The bonds are holding

Desire to escape into the picture.

The body that wants to be two-dimensional representation

Followed by Advertising…


Author: Viktor Čech

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