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The book

the space the body

that is containing

While I am eating a chocolate pudding, I think of the space it will give to my body and how my body then will take space.
I imagine the book that will tell you about this moment and how all of that is intertwined without being a theory and without claiming any logics. This book is a book of practices.

A practice in the broadest sense can be described as something that you do and you then do again, and you do it not because you have to do it but because you follow an interest. While following such an interest, you harvest knowledge, and it is what we imagine this book to be: a place to gather people as well as their stories that are connected and harvested through practices.


Putting something heavy on your body

The moment you are reading this, the book will be more than an imagination – it is now an artefact of different temporalities that produced matter. It contains many practices that have kept it company for a year and more. Some stayed, some vanished, some are more and some less visible.

You will find the practices of this book in many spaces – one
of them might be your imagination, another one might be the one in which the book came to you and some more might be between the pages. It happened that some of the practices that grew with the book formed chapters that appear here in one possible order. The book itself became a practice of letting it be more than a practice but yet staying with practices. And so, everything is as entangled as it usually gets when we let things take their order. Now you become part of this, and it again will be another thing:

The book is a book and a space and a body and it will be anything else that you imagine along.


Berlin 2019 


Frida Laux


A book written by Frida Laux  and rehearsed with Carolina Mendonça und Ida Daniel / 

Design: Deniz Aksoy / Objects: Filomena Krause / with text contributions by Ana Dubljevć und Katy Coe


If you would be interested to order a book fro Frida Laux write her on this mail adress :  iwannareadthebook@gmail.com 

The books that dont belong to the space are circulating according to a waiting list that is organised through this email so book can be a non-commodity for people to get in touch with Frida it is this email address here. 


Author: Frida Laux

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