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24.10.2020, 19:12:36   |  Photo: Stanislav Miller  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making, Education, Art & Society

Beside the Black Box: Re-inventing Aesthetics of Coming Together / Art making in the time of Covid

Key words:

Kathy Casey – dramaturge and director of Montreal Dance in Canada was one of this year coaches who together with Alice Chauchat – dance maker and artist based in Berlin and also a coach of this year Coaching Residencies presented conversation about their work during the round table untitled Beside the Black Box: Re-inventing Aesthetics of Coming Together on Sunday 23th of August 2020 in National Gallery in Prague. For the panel, Kathy Casey was sharing some works she is currently involved with and which are needing time frames and environments that black boxes don't necessarily suggest for active audience involvement. She opened up how some of these works rely on “devotions”: repeated and investigated over long periods without much predetermined organization, challenging preexisting concepts of dramaturgy and choreography.

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17.5.2019, 19:44:14   |  Photo: Eleonora Siarava  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making, Art & Society

A fog of blurry realities

Key words:

In order to obscure the journey we will meander in labyrinth of circles within circles by spiralling the time. Eleonora Siarava is a choreographer, performer, researcher and artistic director of Per_Dance platform of choreographic research (www.per-dance.com). Currently, she is a PhD Candidate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Department of Theatre researching The multiple meaning in Abstract Dance: The choreographic synthesis and the possibilities provided by Perception Theories. In this context she studies the work of Oskar Sclemmer, Merce Cunningham, William Forsythe, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Mette Ingvartsen et.al. Her research refers to the relationship between aesthetic forms, experiental awareness and the notion of atmosphere, the connection between cognitive principles, moving patterns and kinesthetic empathy. Eleonora was one of the participants in Incubator 2019 in the Castle Žďár nad Sázavou and shares here her vibrant memories of the castle journey. 

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30.4.2019, 17:43:51   |  Photo: Zuzana Žabková  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making, Education, Art & Society

Casual report on obscurity

Key words:

Moving in time as plants having a different pace and rhythm which we usually disregard. Moving in space of nets, nests, hollows, corners, tunnels, caves, cellars, undergrounds. Pawel Dudus is an artists, choreographer and dancer who is through his queer, migrant and feminist lense rethinking the old, hierarchical and patriarchal way of holding, dealing with or executing POWER as DARKNESS – the quality of lacking color (color=diversity) a synonym for secrecy, wickedness, evil and ignorance. Pawel was one of the participants who took part in this year interdisciplinary residency Incubator 2019 which was teasing the notion of obscurity. After the week spent in the castle in Žďár nad Sázavou Pawel shares the conversation with his friend on how to grasp the notion of obscurity 

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26.3.2018, 14:12:11   |  Photo: Dragan Dragin  |   Category: Space & context, Education, Art & Society

Space and Circulation for Pedagogues

Key words:

February’s Dance Pedagogy Workshop (seminar) from SE.S.TA Centre for Choreographic Development was dedicated to the theme of space and circulation within it. It brought together novice and experienced dance teachers from art schools, as well as dancers and choreographers - aspiring pedagogues - with French dancer and dance pedagogue Sophie Billy, dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Mirka Eliášová, architect Dorota Kluska and a coach - myself. Interdisciplinarity and a wealth of experience and approaches to the theme underpinned the days we spent together. The main themes were dance, pedagogy, space and circulation. Space and circulation were considered from the point of view of dance

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