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3.5.2019, 12:15:14   |  Photo: Adrien Gaumé  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making, Art & Society

Alchemical recipe to reach the Arch of Fireflies 

Key words:

Constant enlightenment blinds us. We are looking for obscurity. We occult our insomnia. Adrien Gaumé is a performer and choreographer (aka sidelaner) based in France, working europeanwide. He is currently re-reading  La survivance des lucioles by Georges Didi-Huberman, where he deals with the famous article about Pasolini about shades of light struggling not to vanish or be killed by the horizon in a socio-political and aesthetical point of view. Adrien was one of the participants in this year Incubator and shares his thoughts on this one week long journey. 

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10.5.2018, 14:07:16   |  Photo: Dorota Kluská  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making

Spiral reports from one week long juicy entropic journey in the castle

Key words:

Six artists one scientist and one architect together with three lecturers and three guides were part of this year Interdisciplinary Incubator which took place in residency Zámek Žďár and Sázavou. During the week 11th -16th of March 2018 they were all together elaborating the notion of circulation through the scope of different fields. Sharing experiences, work in progress, political and cultural loops, conventions and transgression beyond them. What stayed was a circle without center lot of pointless traces and relations on the mind maps, touched and sweaty rooms in the castle. Here are some of the testimonies from the participants who had will to take part and came to the center of Santini’s gothic-baroque land and shared their work and themselves in the loop of this ongoing spiralling. 

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