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24.10.2020, 19:38:10   |  Photo: Dragan Dragin  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making, Education, Art & Society

Hungry Hearts

Key words:

I’ve talked with Eva Urbanova - dancer, choreographer, dance maker who was one of the residents taking part on this year Coaching Residencies about her work on the piece which she recently presented as her final work on HAMU ( Academy of Performing arts - Music and Dance department). We've dwelled into the process of her work and topics she was addressing in her work together with eight performers coming from different backgrounds. We’ve talked about the numb hectic skin avoiding encounter and vulnerability of becoming intimate with the other in her choreographic process. 

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28.4.2020, 9:19:42   |  Photo: Paul B. Preciado  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making, Education, Art & Society, Other

The losers conspiracy

Key words:

I was not scared of dying. I was scared of dying alone. An excerpt from the text of philosoph, curatot and trans activist Paul B. Preciado author of the book Testo Junky and newly released book Appartement on Uranus. 

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SE.S.TA TALK with Vicki Amedume

Key words:

Marie Kinsky talks with choreographer Vicki Amedume (UK) about her history as a dancer and maker, about her working process, theme of their project Catch me dweling into questions of intimacy, gender, age and ethnicity, her community and last but not least her stay in the Castle during the festival KoresponDance 2019 in the frame of Round about Residency. 

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30.4.2019, 18:38:36   |  Photo: Boris Ondreička, Zuzana Žabková  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making

About us

Key words:

Moving the body whose nail fell down because the tongue was growing under it. Fergus Johnson is a freelance artist, dancer and drifter based in Berlin. He is thinking about the dichotomy of vagueness/clarity, the importance of play and playfulness and finding meaning within cloudy logic. He is interested in bodily states, ‘vibing’ (i.e. the mechanisms of communication within social settings), club culture and music. Fergus took part in this year interdisciplinary residency Incubator 2019 in Žďár nad Sázavou together with Eva Priečková - Slovak performer, dancer and choreographer with whome they together create EVGUS - us as a singular being, us in relation to each other, us as a nexal point in relation to the universe.. You can read an excerpt from Evgus diary on what was this journey on obscurity about or where it actually brought us?

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28.3.2019, 1:09:07   |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making

A Few Notes on Expanded Choreography

Key words:

Marisa Hayes a Franco-American scholar and artist who had published books and articles about dance for a variety of print and electronic media for Dance Magazine, The Society of Dance History Scholars, and The International Journal of Screendance will be one of this year moderator during Choreography forum on Czech dance platform 2019. She was happy to share her article and thoughts about her current research exploring the theme of Expanded Choreography.

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28.3.2019, 0:13:29   |  Photo: Zuzana Žabková  |   Category: Dramaturgy, Space & context, Interdisciplinarity, Process of making, Art & Society

Using dance

Key words:

The night long reading performance Useless lands by Catalina Insignares and Carolina Mendonca, which is a compilation of fictional and theoretical texts that speak about a pre-industrial-revolution world takes place in the Music school in Žďár nad Sázavou on Friday 29th of March 2019 from midnight till the morning in the frame of the interdisciplinary residency Incubator organised by centre of choreographic development Se.s.ta in the castle in Žďár nad Sázavou. In order to introduce the way how both artists think choreography and why they consider expanded choreography as a tool to gather and act, we introduce the excerpt of their interview which was released in Watt - contemporary dance magasine in 2018 and which can guide you in the process of their thinking.

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